Gettin' Made: April Showers

We totally saw some rain this week, turns out April showers isn't just a tired saying!

"Passing By a Rainy Day" art print by MeArtDesign

After the jump, more rain-inspired pieces by Etsy artists and crafters whose work isn't all wet.

Silver Tropical Rainclouds pendant by Marula Jewellery

Wear a little rain around your neck with this hand-sawn pendant! That's right, I said hand-sawn. As in the piece of silver has been cut by hand with a saw and then sanded down so it doesn't cut the heck out of ya. It's so cool when crafters tell you a little about their process in their listings!

"Lemonade Storm" print by MichelleDigital

No jokes about golden showers, please - this ultra hip yellow and grey color combo cheers up an otherwise gloomy day!

Little Girl In the Rain necklace by JooJoo Land

This simple drawing of a little girl in her rain gear is so simple and sweet - I love it!

"Green Umbrella" print by RosieMusic

Such great details on this piece - I love the tiny pointillism dots that make up the umbrella's fringe.

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