Gettin' Made: A Tidbit of Tootsies

I'm not talkin' about Tootsie Rolls, or the accompanying "Let Me See Your Tootsie Roll" song by 60 Boyz - today we're looking at the fun crafts aimed at teaching kids from Tootsie's Tidbits!

Spring Matching Game flipbook from Tootsie's Tidbits (Hint: Your kid wins this game Vegas-style, when they can match up the same three pictures all the way across.)

The Tootsie behind Tootsie's Tidbits has been an early childhood teacher for over 12 years, running her own child care and preschool in her home. Now she brings her original educational matching and learning games to Etsy, so the learning can be passed on to your kids as well!

3 Letter Words game from Tootsie's Tidbits

This particular game encourages letter recognition and literacy - kids flip through and pick an image with word on it, and then find the matching letters on a separate flip book to spell out the word on their own. Each of Tootsie's flip book games are laminated, too, which is great for ensuring lots of repeat use!

Number Matching Game from Tootsie's Tidbits

This number matching game is great - instead of just finding like images, the kids learn how the same number can be represented differently! You can see the full selection of Tootsie's Tidbits educational toys, along with her handmade notecards and custom clothespins at her Etsy shop. You can also keep up with her by reading her blog or following her on Twitter.

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