Gang Of Four Offer Blood for Money. Not a Metaphor.

Categories: wtf

Above is a video of English post punk legends Gang of Four explaining their desire to adapt to a changing music industry and build stronger bonds with their fans.

Not included in the video: an explanation for how the hell they came up with the idea to offer vials of their own blood to those fans in exchange for financial support.

NME reports that as part of the group's partnership with, Gang of Four is offering fans a chance to pledge money for the new album Content in exchange for strange and wonderful items, ranging from raw tour footage to a chance to hold a question and answer session with the band.

On the Gang's Pledge Music site, though, we see no mention of blood that the NME writes about. So perhaps they've sold out of the vials already. There's plenty of other cool stuff though. Only 950 quid for a helicopter ride. 

Hopefully, the goods you can score aren't damaged. Get it?? Kill us.

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