David Letterman Starts Record Label, Signs Huntington Beach's Runner Runner

According to Spin magazine, Late Show host David Letterman has started up a new music label called Clear Entertainment/C.E. Music, as a subsidiary of Worldwide Pants, Inc.

And his first band signed? A pop punk band called Runner Runner right out of Huntington Beach. Runner Runner's line-up consists of Ryan Ogren, Nick Bailey, Peter Munters, Jon Berry and James Ulrich. You might (or might not) recognize Berry's name as one of the founding members of Rufio.

So is Runner Runner any good? No. But, as Spin points out, their music player on their MySpace has already garnered over 11 million plays, so it's not like what we think matters here anyway. Take a listen for yourself below to their first single, "So Obvious."

Runner Runner is embarking on a tour starting this May, which will wrap up here in California back at the good ol' Chain Reaction on June 8.

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