Burger Records Curates VICE Sampler, Becomes More Famous

John Gilhooley / OC Weekly
The Burger Records extended family come together

​When we put the founders of Fullerton's Burger Records on our cover last year, the idea of an everything-but-CDs music store and label seemed, you know, crazy.

Judging by the attention they've been getting, though, things seem to be going fine.

They've curated an online-only compilation for VICE, which you can listen to here. It includes locals like Audacity and recently Weekly-profiled act Cum Stains. And it's a pretty damn good listen, if you've got any fondness for snotty, catchy, lo-fi rock.

What's more, the Burg' will be releasing three Black Lips albums on tape--apparently, today!  And in recent weeks, they've shown up in the pages of the Onion AV Club and Pitchfork (web pages). It seem the poster children of the cassette-tape revolution are here in Orange County. Can we say we told you so? Or at least, can we say that Albert Ching and Nate Jackson told you so?

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