Anaheim Comic Con adds a Special Guest

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Bottom left: is that you, Captain?
The San Diego Convention Center is expanding, and it doesn't appear Anaheim is going to get the Comic-Con after all.

And what does Anaheim have to say to that?

William "Screw Your San Diego Comic-Con" Shatner, that's what.

Wizard World's touring Comic Con just announced the addition of Shatner to the Anaheim Convention Center lineup.

Because nothing sells tickets like the most successful self-deprecating celebrity since Hasslehoff.

Also on the Anaheim Comic Con bill is the original cast of television's Batman, in all their Spandex glory, including the original Batmobile.

Ka-pow! Thawpp! Zowie!

Take that, Comic-Con! At least the tickets for the Wizard World gig aren't sold out yet. You can still buy single or three-day passes on the website.

See you there.
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