10 Things You Didn't Know About Street Fighter II

Even though it's been 19 years since the release of Street Fighter II, Capcom's fighting game series continues to prove its popularity among modern games with its strong fan following. Although you may have spent all of your free time and lunch money in the arcades playing Street Fighter II during the '90s, there may be some things you still don't know about the series.

1.  The Theme Song for Ken's Stage is a Rip Off of Cheap Trick's "Mighty Wings"

Ken Stage 02.JPG
You be the judge. Coincidence, or plagiarism?

2. Why Does DeeJay Wear MAXIMUM Pants?

MAXIMUM Mirror.jpg
Dee Jay, Super Street Fighter II's Jamaican kick boxer, was originally designed to have pants that read "MANTIS" down the side of his leg. However, the words would not have looked right when his sprite was mirrored to face the opposite direction.

The game designers changed the word to the vertically symmetric "MAXIMUM," so it can be spelled correctly facing either direction.

Think "MAXIMUM" is cheesy? Other options for his pants could have been "YUMMY", "WAX MOUTH", or "HI WHY AM I A MOM".

3. Name Changes To Avoid Copyright Laws

Street Fighter II's African-American boxer was originally named "M. Bison," which was short for "Mike Bison"... obviously, he was modeled and named after Mike Tyson. When the name got localized for the international market, the names of the boss characters where shuffled around to avoid any likeness infringement lawsuits.

The boxer is known as Mike Bison in Japan is renamed "Balrog" in the U.S.
The masked Spaniard is known as Balrog in Japan is renamed "Vega" in the U.S.
The evil dictator and head of Shadaloo is known as Vega in Japan is renamed "M. Bison" in the U.S.

4. Is That Dhalsim on the Street Fighter II Turbo Boxart?

Hidden Dhalsim.jpg

Look closely at the SNES cover of Street Fighter II Turbo. The arms of E. Honda form a faint image of Dhalsim sitting in his Lotus position. Do you see it?

5. Hong Kong Flag Change

Flag Change.jpg

One of the changes made for Hyper Street Fighter II is that the colonial flag of Hong Kong was changed to the flag of China due to the handover in 1997. Street Fighter has to keep up with the times!

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