The Watson Twins at Fingerprints Records, Long Beach, 3/13

Andrew Youssef
Double your pleasure, double your fun

The Hype: Celebrating the recent release of their new album, Talking to You, Talking To Me, the Watson Twins stopped by Fingerprints Records to deliver an ear-pleasing eight song set. Leigh and Chandra Watson are no strangers to LBC, as they have played the Long Beach Terrace Theater with Jenny Lewis in 2006, the Prospector and a previous session at Fingerprints records.

The Show: The lightly strummed acoustic chords of "Give Me A Chance" kicked off their set with light organ notes guiding the way of the vocal harmonies by the twin sisters. With the lights turned low, it was an intimate setting that lent itself to a storytellers vibe with the Watson siblings offering vignettes about each song.

Andrew Youssef
A rollicking bass line underpinned with some floating Mellotron keys propelled "Modern Man," a song that includes the title of their new album in the lyrics.  Leigh and Chandra traded off perfectly harmonized "oohs and aahs" that dripped with sweetness. "Savin' You" was written in response to a song that Leigh had heard on the radio. The twins talked about how they automatically agree on a number of things and channel their "twinergy" when they named their album.

Chandra jokingly mentioned that the song "Devil In You" was about her sister to laughter of the crowd, yet later relented that it was about being empowered. The twins switched guitars and lead vocal duties depending on who penned the song. Apparently, if you listen closely to the recorded version of "Snow Canyons," one can here the engineer's chair squeak since the album was recorded in analog fashion on a soundstage. 

After commenting on the awesomeness of their promotional display behind them, the cool breeze of "Brave One" blew over the crowd. The Watson Twins also explained how they spent four days in a cabin up in the Sierra Mountains to flesh out the arrangements of the songs. They then thanked the crowd for showing up and Leigh suggested they print up t-shirts that say "Lots of Love in Long Beach," since they were pleased with the large turnout. "U N Me" closed out their set, as they needed to save their energy for the long line of fans waiting to get their album and posters signed.  
The Crowd: A wide range of young and old folks alike stopped by to check out the Watson Twins. Lots of guys filled in the first couple of rows. I did hear a young baby crying in the back during the first song. 

Overheard: A substantial rumor about a big name band to play a secret show at the Fox Theater in Pomona the day before Coachella. 

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