Are Strippers to Blame for Popularity of 'Mainstream Rock'?

Categories: Sex Appeal
Bubbles Burbujas interests include "dance (pole, lap, couch)"

​Our big sister paper Village Voice might be on to something. Everyone agrees "mainstream rock" pretty much sucks. Except for when you're getting a lap dance--because the girls seem to really get off on that shit.

Dumb rock is a necessary ingredient for a one-song dry hump--or more serious action in the VIP room. Animal Collective just won't cut it. Just ask Bubbles Burbujas.

"I dance to Muse, I admit it, because the crowd loves it," she tells Village Voice. "I do now and always have thought they were a Styx for our time."

Click to read entire Q&A: "Are Strip Clubs the Reason Bad Mainstream Rock is a Chart Staple? An Interview With Stripper Tweets."

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