Coachella Curfew Pushed Back an Hour... Small Comfort for Robert Smith

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Beth Stirnaman / OC Weekly
He looked better with the lights out.
Coachella ended abruptly last year, with the Cure getting the plug pulled in the middle of their third encore at about 33 minutes past midnight. The sounds went out, the band kept playing, and then the lights shut off. Our reaction when it happened: "Well, that was weird."

It later became clear that someone put the kibosh on the set for pretty sound financial reasons. Festival curfew in Indio was midnight; operator Goldenvoice was going to be fined $1,000 for every minute that a band played after the stoke of 12. With Paul McCartney playing 54 minutes past closing time on Friday night and the Killers going 30 minutes over on Saturday... that adds up to some money. It might even be the equivalent to the amount of cash Goldenvoice would make in three seconds if they decided to start selling single-day passes again!

There's less a chance of embarrassing blackouts for headliners at this year's festival. The Desert Sun reports that the Indio city council recently voted to push curfew to 1 a.m. for Friday and Saturday nights, when Jay-Z and Muse respectively close out the show. Gorillaz will still have to try and wrap things up by midnight on Sunday. 

And if one of these bands pushes the limit again? Goldenvoice will have to pay $20,000 for the first five minutes past curfew, plus $1,000 for each minute after that. 

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