Set to Sea Recording Debut full-length, 'The Dark Has Found a Home in Me'

Fans of ambient, indie rock tribe Set to Sea have been waiting a long time for the band to release their debut full-length, The Dark Has Found a Home in Me--a follow-up to The Last Solid Ground EP, released in April of 2009. You may remember them showing up in our Locals Only section last year. This video of their recording sessions last July shows just a slice of all the work that the Fullerton-based five piece squeezed into the final product. Finally, it's finished. 

Tonight the band of prepares for their official album release show at the Glass House in Pomona, opening  for the Appleseed Cast--a pretty sweet gig for any band with an obvious affinity for delay pedals, emotive vocals and reverb. Let us be the first (well, at least in the blogosphere) to congratulate the guys on a job well done. Despite the haunting dreariness that their songs tend to conjure up, we're sure that Set to Sea members Jacob Maag (vocals/guitar/keys), Jala Tass (guitar), Josh Feaster (keys/vocals), Alain Luna (bass), and Braden Esquivel (drums) are all smiles today. 

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