Pavement at Fox Pomona Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow


You can quit pinching yourself. It's really happening. Pavement is in fact reuniting (no fisticuffs or band members backing out yet!) and, lo and behold, Pomona is one of the cities the band will grace with its hyper non-sequitur lyrical wowee-zowee. Thanks Coachella!

The Stockton boys--who swore they would never, ever reunite--are, you guessed it, reuniting. But you already knew that, since they announced it last fall, timed perfectly for their 20th anniversary. What we're letting you know is that there is an actual show in our backyard: the Fox Theater in Pomona on April 15, to warm up for the desert gig.

If you are so antsy that even the thought of waiting 20 more days seems like torture--or you're under 30 and completely clueless as to what the hell we're all riled up about--run out and get the new best of album released this month, Quarantine the Past: the Best of Pavement.


Get your tickets starting Saturday at 10 a.m., or kick yourself in the ass for the rest of your life. Tickets are $41, and worth every goddamn penny.

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