New Songs, New Show, New Album from The New Limb

Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly
Dan Perez of the New Limb at the Gypsy Lounge.
There's a lot that's new in the world of Costa Mesa indie-pop quartet The New Limb, recently named best indie band in the county by the OC Music Awards. They already have "new" in their name, so they're kinda used to this stuff.

Two new songs went up at the band's blog this past week. Take a listen to "Birds and Stuff." Ultra earnest and a little weird, it's the kind of song you can imagine Stars penning when they were getting their start. The synths wobble while Joey Chavez and Lauren Salamone trade sour and sweet nothings ("I feel like you're a cold I caught" goes one line). It'd all just be nice if not for the chorus, which manages to be both a mouthful (more than 25 quickly sang syllables!) as well as an ear-worm.

The songs are from the band's debut full-length, Sounds People Can Hear, which is officially out this Saturday at the New Limb's House of Blues Anaheim release show. Kiev, Mississippi ManBLOK and Canvas open. 

Just having BLOK on the bill guarantees the show will be grin-inducing. But that's not to say the New Limb won't command the stage themselves. When they performed at the OC Music Awards showcase at the Gypsy Lounge, they blanketed the room with rubber gloves blown up like balloons and filled with glow sticks. Much cooler than confetti. Who knows what prop they'll trot out at House of Blues? It's a good bet it'll be something new.

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