FUGLY!: The Ugliest Video Game Characters of All Time

We all know who the most attractive video game characters are. Just about every website in existence has a "hottest character" list. But perhaps it's about time we show a little love for all of the characters out there that aren't so aesthetically pleasing--here are the top 20 ugliest video game characters ever designed. Someone put a bag over their heads!

20. Mileena (Mortal Kombat Series)


Mileena has all of the bullet points of what defines a sexy female character. Nice body? Check. Seductive eyes? Yep. Always wears a bathing suit? Check. So why is she on this list? As soon as she removes her mask, the reason is obvious. She has fangs for teeth and he voice of the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons. Sexy? No way. Imagine what those things can do to a man's body.

19. Boogerman (Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure)


Millionare named Snotty Ragsdale by day, crime fighter known as Boogerman by night. Despite his classy secret identity, Boogerman fights crime in the most low-brow style possible. He use nasal mucus as a projectile weapon. He farts. He even uses toilets as a mode of transportation. Sure, other super heroes like Batman using an aray of gadgets and superpowers, but do any of them have the natural "in-stinks" of Boogerman?

18. Birdo (Super Mario Series)


If you thought having a chick with a huge hole for a mouth would be a uh, good thing, think again. Birdo's infamous for having a long, dark history of gender mix-ups and sexual innuendos. In the first edition manual of the North American Super Mario Bros 2, Birdo is referred to as a male that believes he is female, and would prefer to be called "Birdetta". Regardless of what Birdo is, one thing is certain: it is one ugly girl/guy.

17. Wario (WarioWare Series)


Wario's kind of like his rival Mario, except he lacks any form of modesty. If his looks aren't enough to make you burp up your lunch, he also lacks the ability to hold in his flatulence, and is always eating garlic. Additionally, he's a fatso. Not the best ways to impress the ladies, Wario.


16. Q*Bert (Q*Bert)


What the hell is Q*Bert? Besides looking like an orange nasal aspirator, Q*Bert lacks any arms, and is known for his nose that looks uncomfortably close to a man's unmentionables. The disturbing appearance is suported by his mouth, as well. Whenever he gets hit in the head, he cusses out the world with his famous line, "@!#?@!?". Does he kiss his mother with that mouth... or whatever it is?

15. Jimmy Hopkins (Bully)


Look at the smug look on this jackass' face. It's no wonder why Jimmy's such a terror at Bullworth Academy, the fictional boarding school in Bully. If I had a mug like that, I'd feel like the world owed me a lot.

14. Voldo (Soul Calibur Series)


Sure, Voldo can be considered attractive to some. If you're into S&M and necrophilia, that is.

13. Baraka (Mortal Kombat Series)


Baraka (not to confuse the name with Barack Obama), is one of the many unattractive characters in the entire Mortal Kombat universe. This ugly guy has blades everywhere. His arms, his teeth, and who knows what else. There's one thing that's endearing about Baraka though: he certainly has the biggest smile of any other video game character.

12. Mario (Super Mario Series)


Put aside all of the fond memories and positive biases that you may have with Mario. You may have never considered it, but Mario's one ugly dude. He's short, overweight, hairy, and sounds like an Italian Mickey Mouse.

11. Adelbert Steiner (Final Fantasy IX)


Steiner is the head knight for the Knights of Pluto in Final Fantasy IX, and is completely devoted to Alexandria and Princess Garnet. Seriously though, eyeliner? What kind of knight wears eyeliner? Then again, this is the world of Final Fantasy we're talking about here.

10. Max Payne (Max Payne I & II)


Max Payne has always been ugly. In the past, he'd always have that constipated/I-just-ate-a-lemon look on his face. Due to technological limitations, his face was always like that. Has your mother ever told to that your face will get stuck when making funny faces? I suppose Max's mom never got the memo.

In the upcoming sequel, Max Payne 3, he will look significantly worse. Just look at the poor guy. Is that vomit on his shirt?

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