Shit, We Got Stuck with Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz contemplating which classic rock riff he will "borrow" for next single

If you lived in Minneapolis, East Lansing, Toronto, Chicago, Miami or Philadelphia and were planning to witness U2's 360 Tour you would also get to catch New Wave-updaters Interpol open, which would rock, especially if they played that sweet little ditty "No I in Threesome."

Oakland, Seattle and Edmonton U2 concertgoers get pop-rockers the Fray, which, yeah, ain't too great.

And when U2 plays Angel Stadium of Anaheim on June 6 (as well as dates in Salt Lake City and Denver) attendees will be treated to a set by classic rock recycler Lenny Kravtiz, perhaps the most unoriginal performer on the planet. Oh well, at least arriving on time will no longer be an issue.

Could have Kravitz chosen a more played-out classic rock song to cover?

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