A.P.E.S.T.E., Sedition, Underground Alliance, P.C.H. and More at the Doll Hut, Feb. 26

Doll Hut Flier-thumb-475x390.jpg
​Everyone knows a party isn't memorable until someone gets barfed on--which makes us all the more excited to highlight a sweaty, punk extravaganza going on at the Doll Hut in Anaheim this Friday, Feb. 26. Featuring a mix of San Diego, LA and Anaheim punk acts, this dastardly lineup of angst-ridden, backyard bands includes A.P.E.S.T.E., Sedition, Underground Alliance, P.C.H., Damaged Punks and Putrid Feedback (who have a very fitting place on this flier). Oddly enough, our enthusiastic puke victim here really seems to be enjoying them. 

But apart from this cheap (and funny) display of regurgitation humor,  it's nice to see that crap-ily made photo copy fliers still haven't lost their appeal in the brutal underbelly of the OC punk scene. And the fact that it's presented by the Orange County chapter of the infamous Pyrate Punx community definitely means that it is indeed party time again. We suggest you don't wear your favorite shirt to this shindig.

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