Alexander McQueen Tribute Domain Name Listed On eBay For $1M

eBay user Boxer1727: Classy.

It's not rare for an artist's items to go up in value--and in demand--after his or her (often) untimely passing. Fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who was found dead in his home on Thursday morning from an apparent suicide, is of no exception.

The Times UK is reporting an almost immediate sales response to McQueen's death, with his iconic skull motif scarves being the most requested item.

Glancing on eBay, we've also noticed a surge of bids on merchandise, but the most notable thing? The auction of domain name going for a $1 million asking price--or best offer. (And uh, free shipping?)

The auction was listed approximately at 10:11 a.m. PST by eBay seller Boxer1727, just hours following reports of McQueen's death.

The questions and answers section, where potential bidders pose questions to sellers, is the highlight of the auction though:


Amazingly enough, two other auctions exist for similar domain names, and for sale by eBay user rockmebritney (really?) at a $5,000 Buy It Now price.

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