Show of the Day: Mississippi Man, The Silent Comedy and Handsome G at La Cave

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Another Orange County band is getting ready to spread their wings and go on tour. But before they do, Mississippi Man (who've recently moved to LA) have one more OC show before hitching up the wagons for their two-week tour that will trace send up the California coast through Oregon and Washington. But tonight, you can find them underground, reveling in rock 'n' roll's rough-and-tumble roots at La Cave in Costa Mesa alongside San Diego's The Silent Comedy (who are also joining them on tour) and Costa Mesa natives Handsome G (look out for them in next week's Local's Only column).

It has been a busy year for Mississippi Man following the release of their debut album The Snake Oil Salesmen, which managed to get them some much-needed attention. And rightfully so. With shimmering harmonies poking through dusty rhythms and buckskin swagger, they are one of the few bands in the thriving hipster scene that can make the folk of the 1960s seem new again. If your're looking for a show blanketed in drunken, fist-pumping fervor and a lot of call and response, this gig is right up your alley. The fact that it's free is an added bonus. It also means that it's gonna be packed, so you might want to sacrifice your fashionably late entrance for the sake of getting a good spot in La Cave's charming (and very cramped) quarters.

Speaking of "Show of the Day," Sonic Youth performs tonight

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