Show of the Day: Le Face and Gestapo Khazi at Que Sera, Long Beach

Gestapo Live.jpg
Typically, people consider the day after New Year's Day as a time to start fresh, or at least clean up the mess they left from the night--or the year--before. But for those interested in stretching out the chaotic festivities through the weekend, we suggest ducking into Que Sera in Long Beach for a dose of frantic punk power courtesy of Le Face and Gestapo Khazi (pictured). Both band's will be out in full force tonight for Le Face's sure-to-be-sweaty Record Release Show. 

If you've managed to check our Locals Only  feature this week, you know that when the members of Gestapo Khazi aren't getting propositioned by large hookers, they're melting faces with their mix of old-school aggression and driving rhythms. Check out some footage of both bands after the jump. You'll find that neither group is scared to tear it up on stage--even if that stage is in somebody's kitchen. Rounding out tomorrow's bill are two equally savage bands, Blood Bath and Slaughterhouse Death Kamp

Gestapo Khazi

  Le Face

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