Breaking News: Japanese Motors on 'Indefinite Hiatus'

It's late yesterday and I'm proofing the Black Lips feature that will run in the OC Weekly that streets Friday. In the middle of some fact-checking I visit Japanese Motors' MySpace page and notice the Costa Mesa-based Vice Records act canceled their opening slot for the Jan. 20 date with fellow Vice band Black Lips at Detroit Bar. I fired off an email to Japanese Motors guitarist/bassist (and occasional Heard Mentality contributor) Nolan Hall--and nothing. Detroit Bar booker/co-owner responded via email immediately. 


Me: Is Japanese Motors still opening [the Black Lips show]?

Reiser: No, they broke up the other day.

At 11:48 a.m. today Hall made contact, and pretty much confirmed what Reiser said.

"We're on an indefinite hiatus for the time being," Hall explains. "We wont be playing any shows, but want to keep things open for the future. Everyone is still on good terms with each other, we're all still friends, we're just taking some time for ourselves to figure shit out right now. [Lead singer and pro surfer Alex Knost] has started Tomorrow Tulips with his girlfriend Christina [Kee], and more new projects could develop."

Hmm. It appears Tomorrows Tulips are already busy booking gigs. Incidentally, on the Vice Records site Japanese Motors are listed as "alumni." 

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