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I met Costa Mesa artist Aileen Holmes recently, and as we chatted she mentioned she had just started listing things in her Etsy shop, Tangy Fruit Girl. Lo and behold, her stuff is AWESOME! I had to share, so let's take a look:

Paper Doll Shirt by Aileen Holmes of Tangy Fruit Girl

I saw a great paper doll drawing on Aileen's website, and was so happy to see that theme carried over onto one of her shirts! Even cooler is that the flowers in the design are embroidery, so they pop out from the design.

After the jump, some more great pieces by a talented illustrator.

"Create Every Day" by Aileen Holmes of Tangy Fruit Girl

Such a great reminder for all of us creatives; you know that feeling of restlessness when you haven't made anything in a while. If you make something, anything (even something so simple as a couple of doodles) every single day, you honestly will not get that feeling very often.

Unicorn Shirt by Aileen Holmes of Tangy Fruit Girl

True story unicorns will always win in my book!

"Home Sweet Home" by Aileen Holmes of Tangy Fruit Girl

I'm loving this hand-drawn looking illustration layered on top of a happy yellow stripe. The drawing style reminds me a little bit of the old Madeline books.

Anchor shirt by Aileen Holmes of Tangy Fruit Girl

You know you love pirates, don't try to deny it. This stripey nautical shirt, with it's screenprinted stripes and applique anchor will definitely see to it you're not caught unprepared next Talk Like a Pirate day!


For more information on Aileen Holmes, visit her website or Etsy shop.

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