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Look, I'll be honest with you. It's more than a little irritating that it's early January and people are out and about wearing short sleeves and such in southern California. Where's the blizzards? Where's the less than 70 degree weather, even?

I'm whining because of Etsy shops like OhMay. Chock full of completely fabulous knit items like this unisex gaiter. (A gaiter, for those of you not in on the knitting lingo, is sorta like a turtleneck sweater. Minus the sweater. Just the turtleneck. They're awesome.)

Dark Misty Fog Gaiter by OhMay

Thankfully, OhMay provides sweet knit options for those of us in warm winter climes - after the jump, check out some selections!

Copper and Cody cuffs by OhMay

I'm totally in love with these cuffs - modeled after pups that belong to one of her friends, OhMay created a unique cuff design that incorporates a carrying pouch on your wrist! So much more stylish than your standard bulky fannypack!

Toffee Delight Lanyard by OhMay

I may have had more than my fair share of holiday candy (thanks to my mom-in-law's homemade fudge!), but I stil wanna take a bite out of this toffee-looking stone. This lanyard would be great for carrying keys, IDs, you name it!

Striped Hand Cuff by OhMay

The great thing about this piece is it can be worn as either a glove or a cuff, and dig that hidden pocket! OhMay is offering free shipping if you buy two of her Cuff or Glove style Ipod/MP3 Holder Case/Cozies - meaning get one for yourself, and one for a friend! (Or get two for yourself, we won't tell.)

Peony Knitted Flower Pattern by OhMay

Catching a touch of the knitting bug looking at all this cool stuff OhMay's made? She's got great knitting patterns available, too, featuring all kinds of amazing types of flowers to embellish all your crafty projects!

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