Flier(s) of the Week: the Growlers with Tomorrows Tulips at the Boat Haus, Costa Mesa, Jan. 21

Growlers flier.jpg
Normally the title of Heard Mentality's "Flier of the Week" feature is a prestigious honor bestowed on one lucky scrap of colorful show info. But seeing as how both the the Growlers and Tomorrows Tulips created equally crafty fliers for their gig at the Boat Haus in Costa Mesa (featuring music video screenings by Jack Coleman) this Thursday, we had trouble choosing a favorite. So, fuck it, we'll congratulate them both.

The first flier we came across happened to be the Growlers'. Here it looks like the flat-chested chicks get all the attention for once. Guys are hanging all over this lady (that is a lady...right?).

Much like the Growlers effusion of dark, psychedelic sounds, this flier feels like a really weird acid trip. And no matter how much technology the world produces, it's nice to know that an old fashioned cut-and-paste job can still capture our attention. But despite this woman's stunning beauty and boyish figure, we're a little more interested in the psychic palm that tells us that a full bar is in our future. Yay for booze. 

Aside from sharing certain lo-fi characteristics with the Growlers, Tomorrow's Tulips, featuring Alex Knost of the Japanese Motors (currently on "indefinite hiatus"), also like to combine drugs with arts and crafts when constructing fliers. Check it out after the jump.

Tulips flier.jpg
Who doesn't love an adorable nautical scene made out of construction paper? Employing a rather unique cut-and-tape approach, Tomorrow's Tulips promote their show with some kindergarten flare. They also rediscovered the magic of their computer's "paint" accessory via Windows 95. The corrected show date shooting from the gun of a decapitated stick figure just oozes cuteness. Of course, the only difference between this and a 5 year-old's art project is the reference to "free booze, love and weed" written at the bottom. Most kids tend to get excited about that stuff later in life.

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