Flier of the Week: Subterraneo Saturdays at Broadway Billiards, Santa Ana

Subterranean Saturdays-Broadway Billiards.jpg
​Despite being in the same vicinity as Proof Bar and the Crosby in Santa Ana, we doubt that the hip-hop electro crowd ever spills down the dark basement steps of Broadway Billiards for a pint and pool game. However, if this flier doesn't change your mind about this place, we don't know what will.

On weekends, Broadway spices up this basement pool hall/bar with a live music night called Subterraneo Saturdays. As listed on this flier--featuring what looks to be a dynamite Latin (aging) boy band--Subterraneo's mix of Cumbia, Bukis, Rock en Espanol, indie rock (and, yes, beer) is a wonderfully random antidote to the typical club hopping experience. It's definitely not as dangerous as some might think. And it's the only place you might find Jesus rocking his white, Don Johnson leisure suit.

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