Road Sores: More From Thrice's Ed Breckenridge

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Welcome to Road Sores, Heard Mentality's newest feature, where bands on tour will guest blog about life on the road, photos, videos, what that smell is coming from the corner of the van, what they're listening to, or whatever the hell it is they feel like talking about that day. Thrice's Ed Breckenridge checks in again with more iPhone photos from tour life. Check out Ed's previous entry here

Ed Breckenridge
"Myrtle Beach: We met a turtle that really liked chomping at shoes."

Ed Breckridge
"The House of Blues in Myrtle Beach has a zoo right behind it... We spent some time with some of the Invisible Children peeps exploring the zoo and feeling sorry for the animals."

Ed Breckenridge
"Woke up really early and watched the sun rise, and the countryside pass by from the bus window."

Ed Breckenridge
"More sunrise."

Ed Breckenridge
"Orlando: This might be a view from the roof of one of the Downtown Disney buildings. Shhhhhh... I don't think we were supposed to be up there. "

Ed Breckenridge
"Preshow prep view from the band room upstairs at House of Blues Orlando."
Thrice performs at the House of Blues Anaheim, 1530 S. Disneyland Dr., (714) 778-2583; Tues.-Wed., November 24-25, 7 p.m. $21-$24. All ages.

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