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The Art House Co-op is a gallery based in Atlanta, Georgia that will soon be picking up and moving to Brooklyn, New York. The gallery concentrates on putting together group art shows that anyone and everyone can participate in, as well as encouraging folks to make art a part of their lives.

Waterfall by Shane Zucker and John Ellis. Photograph by John Ellis.

This mission is sure to kick start more folks' creative minds starting this week, with the beginning of the Art House Weekly Project. Sign up for the Weekly Projects mailing list, and a couple of times a week the Art House Co-op will deliver fun ideas to get the ball rolling towards artsy good times - lots of which you'll most likely be able to share with younger artists as well.

The latest project? Build a waterfall in your kitchen sink. After the jump, I take a stab at this week's watery endeavor.

Dishes waterfall, available for rental for your next special event!

Both of my waterfalls were really simple ones I just had fun playing with while doing the dishes. In keeping with water shortages and all around green living, the Art House Co-op suggests you do this project while washing dishes to minimize wasted water. I gotta say, it definitely made the chore more fun, something I didn't rush through as fast as possible so I could sit my butt on the couch for trashy TV good times!

Dishes waterfalls are like Mr. Bubbles - it makes getting clean (dishes) almost as much fun as getting dirty (dishes)!

When you've finished your waterfall, email a photo of your project to - they'll share your work along with everyone else's in a blog post to inspire others to try it out as well.

Now if they could just come up with an art project to make scrubbing out the shower a blast, I'd be all set!


For more information on the Art-House Co-op and to sign up for upcoming group art shows, visit their website or Twitter.

For a short video of one of my waterfalls in action, check it out on Flickr.

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