Artie Lange: Back From the Bed


Funnyman Artie Lange was once again on another unscheduled vacation this past week from his day job at the Howard Stern Show. The comedian missed all three shows last week (the gang doesn't work Fridays and last Monday was Columbus Day) and yesterday's show, but did return today.

Lange told the crew he was depressed after doing a stand-up gig in Detroit a few weekends ago that benefitted a quadrapelegic. Lange's late father--whom he idolizes--became a quadrapelegic at age 42 (an age Lange just turned) and apparently, these events spiraled into what Lange described as a "mini nervous breakdown."

Lange is cutting back on his weekend stand-up gigs and says, "2010, I will not be on the road."

Regardless of what happens, let's hope Lange finds happiness.

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