A Healthy Dusty Rhodes and the River Band Ready to Play OC

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dusty rhodes.jpg

Fullerton's Dusty Rhodes and the River Band experienced a bit of a setback last month--namely, bassist Brad Babinski being hit with both mono and shingles (yeesh), forcing the band to scrap their east coast tour.

Thankfully, the band has recovered and scheduled a whole bunch of dates to support their latest album on SideOneDummy, Palace and Stage. Included are several shows in our area, including with the Fling at the Karlfest in Costa Mesa on October 3, Alex's Bar in Long Beach on October 4 alongside our pals Yellow Red Sparks, and October 8 at the House of Blues in Anaheim, opening up for State Radio.

Palace and Stage came out this past May, and since then all sorts of folks have been all up ons, including Q, Mojo and Alternative Press. And now they appear to be shingles-free. What a time to be alive.

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