TONIGHT: Oliver Jane, Dash Jacket and Camp Out at Blue Laguna in Laguna Beach

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We heart South County's Oliver Jane here on Heard Mentality--check out our recent Locals Only on the troupe if you're skeptical--so the news that they're not planning on playing any shows in a while is disheartening for suresies.

But that hiatus won't start until after tonight's show at the Blue Laguna Lounge in Laguna Beach. No, I hadn't heard of the place either, at least not until KUCI started booking shows there on Monday nights a month ago. Since then, the place has hosted local faves the Steelwells, Moostache and the New Limb; showing off their acoustic side. Tonight's show will also feature OC's Dash Jacket (whose MySpace extension is the interesting "hatepophatepop") and Camp Out (from San Francisco!). Also: it's free.

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