The Zeros Coming to Alex's Bar


The original line-up of one of Southern California's first punk bands, the Zeros, is playing Alex's Bar in Long Beach Aug. 21.

Before punk became synonymous with mohawks and chains, the genre was like a sped-up version of '60s bubblegum rock (basically, what the Ramones did). The Chula Vista -based quartet was often called the Mexican Ramones and are credited as the first band from the San Diego area to play LA clubs.

The members have reunited in the past, but the last time that happened was more than a deacde ago, which means if you dig the Zeros, don't sleep on this show.

PS That's not a new pic. I think it was taken 7,000 years ago, but I assume they don't look much different.

PPS I got through this post without mentioning El Vez is in the band. Wait, damn it...

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