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Long Beach librarian Marlyn Beebe has always enjoyed taking photos, but never really thought of herself as a serious artistic photographer. Then she received a digital camera as a gift. This unlocked a door for her with all it's new features, especially the macro setting. Now not only is she taking all kinds of pictures, she's sharing them with the world, too. Come check out some of her close-up gems with us!

"Plumeria" by Marlyn Beebe

I asked Marlyn what her inspirations are in her photos, and she shared:

"What particularly interests me is the details, the gradations of color, the curl of a petal, the way the light changes the appearance of the object so completely. My favorite thing to photograph right now is flora, but I do enjoy landscapes as well. My husband and I like to travel, so I have lots of subject fodder."

A bright red leaf captured by Marylyn Beebe

Marlyn shares her life with her husband Tod, two adult step-children and a very photogenic ham of a cat named Nacht. She's a huge hockey fan, and most Wednesdays can be found knitting with the Long Beach Stitch n' Bitch group. And she's an awesome knitter to boot!

A blackbird hangs out long enough to get snapped up by Marlyn Beebe's camera

You can find Marlyn's photos online at her Zazzle and Cafepress shops - don't miss her floral calendar, it'd make a great gift for the gardener in your life! (Is it too early to start talking Christmas? I'm pretty sure I saw decorations in Wal-mart the other day...)


Marlyn Beebe in front of the camera for once!
Wanna keep up on what Marlyn's taking pictures of these days? Definitely visit her blog!

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