Billy Corgan Finds New Drummer, Set to Play Open (Show Already Sold Out)

Andrew Youssef

Oh, Billy Corgan. What wacky thing will you do next? You made a run for "weirdest couple of the epoch" by dating Tila Tequila, and lent 1995 Smashing Pumpkins hit "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" to a pro wrestling pay-per-view for use in their ads. Now, after a nationwide search, you've hired a replacement for drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, and it's a 19-year-old unknown from Portland named Mike Byrne.

Which is not to dis Byrne--he's surely great! It's just that, y'know, with Corgan these days, the unexpected should be expected.

But here's something cool: Corgan and Byrne are playing six solo shows late this month at various small SoCall spots, including Open in Long Beach. Here's the less cool news: the Open show is already sold out; only 50 seated and 10 standing tickets were available, and they went in like, a second. (Well, probably a little longer than a second. But quickly!).

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