TONIGHT: All Time Low Secret Show (Hey, That Rhymes!) at Chain Reaction

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Shhh! Baltimore-born pop-punk band All Time Low has a new album out today, and they're celebrating it by playing three "secret" shows in three different cities across the county in 24 hours--Washington DC, Chicago and our very own delightful burg of Anaheim. The band will drag their tired, neatly coiffed selves to Chain Reaction at 9:30 p.m., after having played DC at midnight last night and Chicago at noon. Insert obligatory frequent-flyer miles joke here.

The only hitch? It's one of those MySpace Secret Shows that require, like, a shiny prism excavated from an enchanted cove to get in, and, according to All Time Low's profile page, it's already all sold out. Bummer. But maybe you can hang around one of the seedy shops near Chain to try and see if you can hear anything. (Nah, you probably shouldn't do that.)

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