Incoming: Bajofondo, The Bronx at the Glass House

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Couple new shows coming to the Glass House in luxurious downtown P-town, like South America's Bajofondo (pictured). Having a bad day? Just say "Bajofondo!" Cheered you up, huh?

Bajofondo's electro-tango comes from Uruguay and Argentina, where they've been going at it since 2002. They bring "it" to Pomona on Sept. 18, with $15-$17 tickets on sale now.

Also upcoming: the second annual "Longhair Illuminati Fest" with LA punk bands the Bronx and Abe Vigoda, Lemon Sun, San Juan Capistrano's the Union Line and more. That's a mere $13, going on sale tomorrow (Friday, July 3) at noon.

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