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If you don't have plans Wednesday night and are tired of the summer re-runs on tv, you should make haste for The Kids Are Alright in downtown Long Beach. Kim Kessler, owner of bridal boutique Kiki's Originals, will be teaching a do-it-yourself leather cuff workshop and it's not to be missed!

This make-and-take workshop suggests you bring both a basic sewing knowledge and some cast-off buttons and/or beads, but don't be scared! If you don't have either, they will provide the supplies and give you some help with the sewing as well. This would be a great non-threatening project for someone who kinda wants to learn how to make things and doesn't know where to start.

A selection of handmade goodies for kids available at The Kids Are Alright

While you're visiting The Kids Are Alright, be sure to bring a couple of bucks to shop! This funky store features clothing, gifts and more, mostly by indie artists and designers that are Southern California locals. This truly is one of those "something for everyone" types of stores - along with their carefully curated selection of awesome books and stationery items, you can find The Outfit; a sort of boutique within a boutique that offers all sorts of clothing and gifts for the little ones in your life.

The Kids Are Alright is run by Maritza Arrua, who may be one of the nicest shop owners I've ever met, and it's one of those great small businesses that makes you feel good about being there. As you know, this is one crappy economy we've got going on here. Unfortunately, right now it's critical that if you're planning on shopping, you spend your money where it matters. You could spend your money at a chain store at the mall, or you could support a great person that gives folks that love to make stuff a place to show (and sell!) their creations by taking a class or picking up a gift for a friend.

Some more indie awesomeness you can find at The Kids Are Alright

Space in the Leather Cuff Workshop is limited; call to sign up today at 562-433-5890. This class is one of many events that goes on at The Kids Are Alright - they have great sales and art shows as well. Make sure you sign up for their mailing list by sending an email to to stay in the loop on what's coming next! 

The Kids Are Alright is located at 3405 E. Broadway, Long Beach, California 90803. You can find out more about the store and shop online at their website.

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