TONIGHT: Final Night of Handsome G Residency at La Cave

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It's the end of the month. The last day of the month, even! Other than meaning that it's almost time to pay rent (though you shouldn't feel afraid to make your landlord/apartment manager sweat it out a little--keep them on their toes, y'know?), it also means another June residency is ending. Tonight, it's Handsome G's (formerly Handsome Grandpa) Tuesday night residency at La Cave in Costa Mesa.

Also playing the "all-acoustic" evening: Parker Macy Blues (who just recently released his second album, Hope for the Revolution) and a band apparently called "Evening Hatch." I haven't heard of them, and can't find them online, but that's what La Cave and Handsome G both have down. I guess they're new. Or...shy. Or in hiding, a la Salman Rushdie-style. Which makes performing at publicized events that are open to the public a curious choice. We'll find out for sure tonight! I'll be there, so tweet me @OCWeeklyMusic and say "sup."

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