TONIGHT: Death Hymn Number 9 at Tropics Lounge


As a policy, we've generally learned to love, accept and embrace the aural oddities of our little OC music scene wherever they should arise. And if you read this weeks Locals Only, which I know you did [if not, check it HERE] you know that the zombie shredders of Death Hymn Number 9 certainly qualify. Tonight they are playing a very messy show (as indicated on the flier) at the Tropic Lounge in Fullerton.

Joined by The Beat Killers and The Dynotones, Death Hymn will once again unleash their signature brand of instrumental gospel thrash to a room of unsuspecting beer drinkers. Anyone who has seen this band before knows that watching the look on people's faces as the band goes ape shit on their equipment is well worth the five dollar cover. Add that to the unpredictable shenanigans that occur on a nightly basis at Tropics and you have yourself a several certified reasons to get your ass to this show tonight (as if Adam West beckoning you with his sexy pose wasn't enough).

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