Slideshows: The Offspring at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Clues at Detroit Bar, Eagles of Death Metal at the Glass House

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Another weekend is gone, and do we even need to say once more that it was a busy one for the ol' OC Weekly? Well, you've probably already read the sterling review of the Offspring at Irivne's Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on Friday night by our guy David J. Nicolas. But have you seen the photos taken by Robert Fayette? No? Well, they're here! But if you thought Friday was good, Saturday was even show-ier! Like Clues at Detroit Bar--a show I was at. The Montreal band was neat, with some nifty instrumentation, and it was good to see Long Beach's Parade of Lights and OC's the Colourist--both for the first time. (And afterwards, I saw a lady with a snake at Avalon, so that was also a highlight.) Also there? Keith May, and here are his pics.

Also Saturday? Chad Sengstock shot the Palm Desert's Eagles of Death Metal at the Glass House in Pomona, the ol' fashioned rock 'n roll band led by Jesse "Boots Electric" Hughes. Good stuff! Oh, and don't forget Keith May's pics of Little Joy at Detroit Bar from last Thursday.

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