Santa Ana's The Vessel Tongue Broken Up?

Categories: local bands
Sarah Buss

Here's a bummer: Looks like thrashy Santa Ana band the Vessel Tongue have broken up.

I don't have much in the way of details, but I heard word from KUCI promotions director (and host of the Press Pass Music show) Ashley Eliot via text today, who received a text from TVT singer Nigel Burk (so many texts! we're so the first part of the 21st century!) that the band "broke up a while ago" and that Burk and bassist Nathan Kloss are working on a new project together. I'm working on finding out more about the whole situation, so, y'know, keep reading.

This is definitely a loss for the Orange County music scene--where bands on average tend to be fairly reserved, Vessel Tongue shows would get rather wild (tossing instruments, bringing random friends on stage to add extra percussion), which is pretty rare around these parts. Check out my Locals Only from February on the band. Hopefully the new project will keep the same spirit.

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