Reel Big Fish Ready Live DVD Filmed at the Grove of Anaheim

Categories: album preview
I honestly didn't know that Reel Big Fish was still together until I moved here last year. That's not a slam against them; Turn The Radio Off was one of my favorite albums as a young lad (seriously, how great is "Beer"? Both the song and the beverage). I just hadn't really heard much (OK, anything) about them since that record's disappointing follow-up, Why Do They Rock So Hard?.

Happily, the Huntington Beach ska band is still making music, and are in fact are set to release a new live DVD on July 21, titled Live! In Concert! (not the most original of names, but good use of exclamation points). The DVD was filmed this past January at the Grove of Anaheim, where they'll be playing on August 2.

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