Oliver Jane Looking for New Cellist or Upright Bassist

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Oliver Jane are one of the more appealing bands in the Orange County scene, and even though sweet, quirky folk-rock isn't all that unique around here, they manage to stand out. They've been a little off-the-radar lately due to the titular Oliver breaking his wrist in a motorcycle accident, but they're back in a big way this month, with several shows scheduled in the near future--the soonest being June 19 at eVocal.

This all happens right before a major personnel change, though, as the usual Oliver Jane cellist is moving east, causing the band to put out a call looking for a new cellist, or possibly an upright bassist. Is that you, or perhaps someone you might know? Well sir or ma'am, the ad is here.

Also, Oliver Jane have a new track up, "Spaceheater Song." Check it out on their MySpace.

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