Newport Beach's Dolphin City Change Their Name to Make Moon

Categories: local bands
Nick Scarpa
The band formerly known as Dolphin City.

Back in December, I made a little fun of the band name "Dolphin City" while writing about them in a (positive!) Locals Only column. "The name 'Dolphin City' sounds like a Lisa Frank-folder-sporting 8-year-old girl's dream," I wrote. (Not necessarily a bad thing, really.)

Still, that probably doesn't have anything to do with the fact that the band has changed their name to Make Moon. Their MySpace reflects the shift, with their URL now /makemoon and even their album cover changing to the new name. It's like they somehow went back in time and rewrote history so they were never even called Dolphin City!

I've reached out to the band to find out what exactly prompted the name change, so keep reading and all that.

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