More on the Vessel Tongue's Breakup

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The Vessel Tongue, back when they existed.

We wrote last week about Santa Ana's the Vessel Tongue breaking up, and earlier this week we pointed to a show singer Nigel Burk and bassist Nathan Kloss played at La Cave with their new band, In Heat.

Devin Falk, who managed the Vessel Tongue, called us up to give us a little more info: "They've been broken up for about a month and a half," he says, while citing the ol' reason of "creative differences." Falk also said "basically the band kind of split in half," though the new band from guitarist John Doherty doesn't have a name yet.

"I'll hope them out wherever they need it," said Falk, though he mentioned he's not involved in the business side this time. "I'm really stoked about how it's going and the feedback they're getting on it."

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