Heavy (Heavy) Duty (Duty) Rock n Roll

England's loudest band, Spinal Tap, was on Conan last night. Not only did they play "Heavy Duty," they sat down with the very tall redhead to discuss their new record, Back from the Dead, which comes out today.

The 19-track disc compiles classic tunes such as "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight," "Rock 'n' Roll Creation," "Hell Hole" and "Big Bottom" with six new songs powerful enough to kill even the toughest drummer. Back from the Dead also comes with a DVD and a fold-out/pop-up diorama of David St. Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel and Derek Smalls, along with a mini Stonehenge.

Seriously folks, if you haven't seen "This is Spinal Tap," do yourself a favor, cancel whatever you're doing tonight and watch this. I can't recommend this flick enough and I hate movies. 

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