Fun with The New Limb and Stacy Clark Last Night at Detroit Bar


Last night was the second installment of the Monday night residency with The New Limb and Stacy Clark over at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. Here are some notable things that happened:

- As the always stellar iPhone picture above indicates, the band Honeypie joined The New Limb on stage during their set for a cover of "The Weight" by the Band. It was neat, even if all that song reminds me of these days are those SNL sketches with the dudes sitting around and saying weird stuff. Which isn't the worst thing to be reminded of, really.

- After Stacy Clark's set this dude named Dan stopped her in the entranceway and asked her to sing a line of her song "Unusual" to him. Pretty awkward request, but she complied. That's a pro, folks.

- The New Limb also covered "Twist and Shout" and people danced relatively unironically. Pretty adorable!

- San Diego's Writer opened.

Here's a video the New Limb made to promote their residency. It can best be described as "art."

Space Commercial

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