ALSO TONIGHT: Handsome G, The Steelwells and We Are the Pilots at La Cave

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Handsome G has been doing a residency at La Cave all this month, but I couldn't find a great pic on their MySpace to use on this blog, so enjoy this picture of the Steelwells, who are also playing at La Cave tonight. If Handsome G is reading this blog, feel free to send me a picture you'd like me to use! That would be rad.

Anyway, yeah. Handsome G--formerly known as Handsome Grandpa--have been playing every Tuesday in June at La Cave in Costa Mesa. I'm not quite sure what the story is with the name change, since "Handsome Grandpa" is kind of fun and cute, and "Handsome G" sounds kind of like a novelty rap act, but maybe there's more to it than that. You can ask them tonight!

We're big fans of the Steelwells, and they're stepping out from their recording at ArtiSans Label that we told you about last week for this show. Also playing: Anaheim's We Are the Pilots, fresh from a show in San Francisco over the weekend. Here's a quote from WAtP bass player Kyle Deven on tonight's gig: "We're so effing pumped for this show tonight it's hard not to just touch myself and other people inappropriately." Has there ever been a more enticing reason to come to a show? Oh, and it's free! Starts at 10.

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