ALSO TONIGHT: Dandy Warhols at the Glass House

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I used to be friends (metaphorically speaking, at least) with the Dandy Warhols, a long time ago.

OK, it wasn't that long ago. But I haven't really taken to their latest album, Earth to the Dandy Warhols... yet. (It looks like I'm not alone there.) Regardless, I'm still totally stoked to be seeing Courtney Taylor-Taylor and the gang tonight at the Glass House in Pomona, as they're in my "one of my favorite bands that I haven't actually seen live" category, or, at least, they were until today (uh, knock on wood nothing happens on the drive to P-town!).

Opening are The Meek, and they go on at 9, with the Dandys at 10. Doors at 8, and tickets are $20 at said doors. You might have heard the Dandy Warhols just played the Playboy Mansion last night, showing support of marijuana legislation reform (and, presumably, support of scantily clad babes).

After the jump, the video for "Get Off," the Dandys song most in my head today.

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