TONIGHT: The Fling,Tijuana Panthers and Gantez Warrior at La Cave

It's common sense that bands of a feather rock together. In the case of tonight's FREE show at La Cave, you've got three different bands flying high on the surf, folk and rock influences of the California Coast. While they may all encompass different flavors of the sounds we've grown accustomed around here, you can bet that their styles will unite to fit this cavernous Coast Mesa venue like a glove.

For Long Beach band The Fling, their warm  folk rock shows harmony-soaked shards and psychedelic musings of bands their parents probably used to listen to. Whatever the secret behind their sound may be, it's definitely earned them a steady swell of notoriety these days.

Then there's Tijuana Panthers, a feisty mix of surf rock and punk that while not quite as deadly as an actual Panther, has plenty of bite. Yet another Long Beach band you don't want to miss.

Last but not least, we have Gantez Warrior, Costa Mesa natives who boldly declare their love for the beach and their board shorts with every whammy bar chord change and song titles like "I Like to Surf". 

Sure, in Southern California, assembling a line-up of psych, punk and surf may not be a challenge, but if you were going to pick three to do it right you can't go wrong with these three. The show tonight starts at 10 p.m.

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