Taylor Hicks Fans Are No Fans of Mine. Sadface.


I feel like I should make something clear: I don't hate Taylor Hicks. I don't know how that rumor got started. I was probably more of a Katharine McPhee fan that season of American Idol, sure, but I thought it was actually kind of cool, at least from a novelty standpoint, when he won.

And sure, I made some jokes about his upcoming appearance at the Wal-Mart in Orange, but it wasn't really about him, it was more the inherent oddity of a relatively recent winner of one of the biggest television competitions in history appearing in the middle of the afternoon, on a weekday, at a Wal-Mart in Orange. If it was one of my favorite artists, I'd think it was funny (and sad. Very, very sad). Still, apparently my words offended some Taylor Hicks fans. Such as:

"Taylor has brought in $150,000 extra to Grease each week , how many businesses can YOU do that for?"

Er...0. Pretty sure.

"He has worked hard, paid his dues,HE WON, he is talented and he deserves respect. He does not deserve smart-ass remarks from weirdos who just repeat crap they hear so they can feel big and important. I've had it with you creeps."

I definitely did not hear anyone else talk about the Taylor Hicks singing at the Wal-Mart in Orange.

"feel better mr.weirdo? Try checking your facts
before you rush to publish something just for the hits

Now, that's a little troubling, since the only content of the blog post was that, according to a sign that I saw that said Taylor Hicks would be signing at the Wal-Mart in Orange at 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 7, that, well, Taylor Hicks would be signing at the Wal-Mart in Orange at 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 7. Hmm.

"Hey Mr. Musical Editor...nice job with the name calling...do you feel better now?"


"Shame on them. It's about the music, man. Some of us appreciate REAL music, not all the other garbage that is on the market these days IMO.
Have a nice day!"

Thanks! You too!

Anyway, I don't hate Taylor Hicks, but feel free to hate me. And have fun at the signing! Soul patrol! (That's something he said, right?)

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