Incoming: Hoobastank, Unwritten Law Play Acoustic at Sutra

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Sutra Lounge in Costa Mesa has been changing its image since changing ownership last November, and the latest new haps over there is the "Unplugged Concert Series" that started earlier this month with Jason Reeves.

The acoustic fun continues this summer, with gigs from Hoobastank on June 10 and Unwritten Law on July 8. Tickets for the former are on sale now ($25 in advance, $30 at the door--surely someone will pay it), and UL goes on sale June 1. Both bands are from the SoCal area; Hoobastank are from Agoura Hills, and UL from Poway in San Diego County.

Of course, the jokes are easy to make--y'know, Hoobastank? Who's thought of them in the last five years? Turns out, they just came out with a new record, For(n)ever just this year. But when I hear the name, I'll always think of one thing...

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